The brief history of Beleza Brasil

The exciting journey of Beleza Brasil began in 2016 thanks to Aline Neto, the founder of the company. While visiting her family in Brazil, she had the ingenious idea of including some hair products in her suitcase, not only for herself but also for her friends.

Her goal was twofold: not only to please her loved ones by offering quality products, but also to contribute to financing the costly trip.

The enthusiasm generated by this initiative was not limited to her inner circle, as Aline also shared the remaining products with her numerous contacts on Facebook. Her passion for makeup tutorials attracted many people who diligently followed her.

Encouraged by the initial success and supported by a Belgian friend, Aline made the bold decision to research trips to Brazil outside of the tourist season through the Internet. This search led her to seriously consider the possibility of importing more hair products from Brazil.

An overview of the key stages in the history of Beleza Brasil:

Before April 2018:

The prehistory of Beleza Brasil has its roots in the time when Aline and Salomão worked at the Sacré Coeur Institute in Nivelles. At this stage, the company was developing modestly, primarily focused on informal sales among friends and promoted through the Facebook social media platform.

After April 2018:

A new chapter opened with the official creation of Beleza Brasil as a company. Now, the goal was clear: the sale of hair care and beauty products. The couple Aline and Salomão fully committed themselves to this business, with a dedicated website to facilitate online sales. Markets and private exhibitions became valuable opportunities to promote the products.

After November 2019:

A new direction was taken when Beleza Brasil moved to Manage, thus requiring a change of fiscal address. During this period, the company also expanded its focus to providing hairdressing and beauty care services. An office was rented in Anderlecht (Rue Bara 210/214, 1st floor, office 4) to serve as an operational base and storage location.

During the first lockdown:

The global pandemic presented challenges, but Beleza Brasil did not falter.

After the spring of 2020:

Beleza Brasil took a bold step by renting a commercial space in the heart of Anderlecht (Rue Bara 210/214, RC Droit), marking the beginning of its hair care and hairdressing activities. The company further expanded its reach by exploring mobile sales, with a desire to participate in themed markets and exhibitions. Hiring workers further strengthened the team.

During the second lockdown:

Beleza Brasil's resilience was tested once again, but this did not slow its evolution.

After the lifting of restrictions in 2021:

Aline Neto continued her quest for knowledge by graduating in cosmetology, trichology, and specializing in specific treatments and cuts for wavy, curly, and kinky hair. It was at this point that Beleza Brasil made the strategic decision to separate product sales from hairdressing services by changing its address (Rue Bara 210/214, RC Gauche), to comply with current health measures.

Today, Beleza Brasil has evolved into an online and physical store known for its selection of the best Brazilian hair care brands. Under the guidance of Aline Neto, Beleza Brasil is also recognized as a center for natural hair treatments, offering care tailored to all hair types, with particular expertise in wavy, curly, and kinky hair.

This story is a testament to the commitment, boldness, and passion that transformed a simple idea into a thriving business dedicated to hair beauty and well-being.